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    9 photographers for the planet


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    20x24 cm
    240 pages
    190 photographs in b/w

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    The photographers selected by Magnum Photos and Contrasto are Gianni Berengo Gardin, Irene Kung, Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Ferdinando Scianna, George Steinmetz and Alex Webb. The various assignments have been carried out across the world, from the Oceanic Islands to Asia, Africa, Europe. Nine artistic events of exceptional quality and media attraction, nine installations produced for the occasion and conceived within a setting enabling their documentary value to emerge in an immediate and engaging itinerary. The nine Clusters are dedicated to six areas of food production and three thematic identities: Cacao and Chocolate; Coffee; Cereals and Tubers; Fruit and Legumes; Islands, Sea and Food; Bio-Mediterraneum; Rice; Spices; Food and Nutrition in Arid Zones. A photographic exhibition will be dedicated to each, guiding the public and introducing the ways in which different crops and human labour nourish the planet and its inhabitants, providing the true and fundamental energy of the future. The nine exhibitions have been conceived as artistic events of exceptional quality and media attraction:  a series of installations conceived in conjunction with a setting in which their documentary value emerges in an attractive and engaging itinerary. Expo Milano 2015's theme, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", means that every possible aspect of food production and the related issues regarding sustainability, safety and the availability of food can be covered. Photography is the medium most suited to interpreting the aims and vision of the Universal Exhibition illustrating and recounting the most diverse aspects of its theme through reportage, anthropology, and from the perspective of nature and of art. Photography's increasingly prominent role in contemporary society as a means of documenting reality, of communication and of contemporary artistic expression, attests to its ability to bring to a wide public themes of great significance for the planet, arousing emotion and provoking reflection through its highly sympathetic and evocative language.


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