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    Garduño Flor


    29,7x29,7 cm
    240 pages
    images 96 in tritone
    hardback with jacket

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    It is a magical land where Flor Garduño moves, holding her camera. A land that reminds of Mexico – where she was born –, pervaded by myths, legends, plunged into a voluptuous and sensual nature kissed by the sun of those exotic and ancestral places.
    Trilogy is a collection of the works Flor Garduño carried out throughout thirty years spent between Mexico and Europe. Her great and magnificent visual production develops through a “dance” in three times. It starts with Bestiarium, in which real and fictional images of enchanted animals come to life together with those of the human beings they are destined to accompany, conjuring up the ancient myths. Then we have Fantastic women, a celebration of the feminine universe and of the mystery and sensuality that spring
    from the female body. The dance ends with Silent natures, where those objects the photographer is attracted to, turn into timeless stories, a proper “divertissement”, as Flor Garduño calls it when she says, whenever I think of Silent natures, I must confess that I created these photographs for myself, to maintain my playful spirit throughout all these years.

    Flor Garduño was born in Mexico and studied visual arts at the Old San Carlos Academy (UNAM), where she focused on the research for the structural aspects of form and space. She became especially interested in the work of Kati Horna, a Hungarian photographer whose personality, together with the magical and communicative dimension of her photographs, had a great impact on the development of Flor’s aesthetics. She gave up her studies to work as a darkroom assistant for Manuel Álvarez Bravo one of Mexico's most prestigious photographers, with whom she strengthened her photographic skills. Worldwide renown artist, Flor Garduño has been awarded innumerable prizes thanks to her works that have been exposed and published all over the world. Trilogy is the final consecration of thirty years of the photographer’s activity


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