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    Wolf Silvio

    €33.15 €39.0015%

    28x28 cm
    144 colour photographs
    144 pages
    hardback with cd

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    Photography and video by Silvio Wolf

    Paradiso was born in an exploration of the spaces planned by architect Mario Botta and in an intuition of architecture as the art of rendering the void livable. This concept is linked to Silvio Wolf’s poetical understanding of the questions of absence, of the void, and of elsewhere, which recur throughout his photography and his multimedia installations.
    Born in Milan in 1952, photographer Silvio Wolf has pursued a more subjective and metaphorical view of reality. He uses video, still projections, light, and sound, either individually or in combination.
    We might all agree that behind every exhibition there is a story to be told. The special charm lies precisely in the explanation of how the idea for the show took form and developed, because in every case we discover something new and original.
    Something emerges, seemingly by chance, but as they say... nothing happens by chance...
    Why this philosophical tone? Because it is suited to the story that Silvio Wolf, artist-photographer, scholar of philosophy, tell us Paradiso, through the images published in this book.
    From the foreword by Franco Rogantini