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    Female bodybuilders

    Schoeller Martin

    €33.15 €39.0015%

    26,5x32 cm
    96 pages
    62 colour photographs
    hardback with jacket

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    They are perfect. Drawn and glossy skin. They all look into the camera with eyes that reveal an unexpected sweetness that clashes with the swolen bodies, the hypertrophic muscles. They are the female bodybuilders photographed by the new genius of portraits.

    Martin Schoeller, who has litterally carried out a sociological research through these portraits. Each athlete sat infront of the camera with her showoutfit (bikini with sequins) and has exhibited the monstruous perfection of her body. An intense, sometimes funny, others tender cross-section of part of our world: the one obsessed with its body, with the urge to modify it and turn it into a perfect and powerful machine made of flesh and muscles.

    Born in 1968 in Monaco and brought up in Germany, Martin Schoeller after graduating from school wins a scholarship for a biennial photographyclass. in 1992 he moves to New York and from 1993 to 1996, he works as assistant to Annie Leibovitz. Subsequently he works as freelance and in 1999 he collaborates with The New Yorker,Rolling Stone,GQ,Esquire,Entertainment Weekly,Vogue and Newsweek.

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