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    The ninth floor

    Dimmock Jessica

    €29.75 €35.0015%

    21x26 cm
    164 pages
    100 colour photographs

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    The ninth floor is just like any another floor in a Manhattan building. But in this case it is the apartment where a group of addicts buy and sell drugs, sleep, argue, make love and fight. For almost three years Jessica Dimmock followed the stories of the ninth floor and of its residents.

    The tale of the terrible consequences of heroin abuse has been documented many times before, but Jessica epitomized the attitude of the concerned photographer by her deep compassion for the people she portrayed. The photographs brilliantly capture the chaotic atmosphere of human lives spinning out of control. Her contemporary visual language coupled with a strong narrative approach compels the viewer to understanding and to care.
    Faces and bodies fill the picture plan without any mediation as if Dimmock ultimately has no presence for these people. What makes her photographs so moving is that they capture both the fatal sef-destructiveness into which her subjects have fallen, and her own inability to reach them.

    Jessica Dimmock, 28, lives in New York. Is a graduate of The International Center of Photography`s Program in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. For her work on heroin addicts in the Flatiron district she was awarded the F Award for Concerned Photography from Forma and Fabrica and the Inge Morath Award from Magnum.