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    Lost in seeing

    Jodice Mimmo

    €46.75 €55.0015%


    28x25 cm
    276 pages
    180 b/w pictures
    hardbound with jacket

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    Texts by Francine Prose, Alessandra Mauro, Roberta Valtorta

    Lost in seeing registers a journey lasting 30 years through the changes of the Italian scene.
Mimmo Jodice, one of the most leading Italian photographers, offers a record of his travels in a mosaic made up of unexpected visions and unseen things, famous places and territories of the imagination.
He crosses the country from the North to the South in his modern Grand Tour, drawing a comprehensive portrait made up of striking images. The Jodice’s magic realism leads us to the Mediterranean islands, the Italian countryside, the restoration of St Peter’s church in Rome, the decommissioning of Venice-Marghera, the remains of Pompei, the urban transformations and the sites of archeology. Seen through his lens, Italy takes on a whole new aspect: even its landmarks vibrate with movement and possibility.