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    1989 The year in pictures



    15x20 cm
    192 pages
    150 colour and b/w photographs

    Have a look

    1989 is a memorable year.

    The year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, when everyone’s question was “how is the world going to be after the Iron Curtain is gone?”.

    1989 has also been the year of Tian’anmen Square, Solidarność in Poland, the fall of Ceauşescu’s regime in Romania, Madonna’s and George Michael’s success, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gullit’s and Van Basten’s Milan soccer team, Dead Poets Society, When Harry met Sally.

    A year that more than others belongs to the world’s collective imagination.

    The extraordinary power of these famous photographs will evoke its most significant events, call to mind its principal birthdays and highlight its key players.

    A very special year, made up of intense, epoch-making moments.

    A truly unforgettable year.