It is important to get things in focus: as Klein reminds us in the pages of his amazing book on Rome, this is the real meaning of cinematography according to Italian masters Fellini and Rossellini.
All in all, even in photography, in good photography at least, it is important to get things in focus, to acquire and transmit a vision clearly. This is also the real meaning of our work.

For the past fifteen years, Contrasto has brought its experience in the fields of publishing and photography to the general public, with an extremely wide-ranging selection of items relating to the world of images.
From limited editions to low-cost popular books, from important works to in-depth essays up to gifts for special occasions. We have always strived to ensure that quality, creativity and research are the driving forces behind our work: this has made us a leading brand, one of the main players both in Italy and abroad, in just a few years.

In our time, we are all accustomed to use visual information on a daily basis: experiences are shared and personal interaction takes place through images that have to be discovered, understood and appreciated. And while photography has become part of our daily lives, a part of our familiar horizon, Contrasto’s experience increases and gets stronger year by year, offering its readers works on the great masters, the new styles, the blunt accounts of real-life events, images that can freeze a moment in time, capture an emotion or celebrate a special moment.

With the launch of its completely renovated site, Contrasto celebrates and describes its 15 years of visions.


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